Winter Wood


There is a wood in the wildest part of Cornwall

Where the land meets the swirling sea

And here in the middle of winter

You will find old magic in the trees

Step this wayWander into wonder

Experience the wild magic

Of the woodland in midwinter.

Rogue returns to Tehidy Woods, North Cliffs this December with a wild-magic celebration of winter; Winter Wood!

Follow the path into the Winter Wood and lose yourself in the dreamscape of nature.Gather, as Old Man Winter weaves flying deer magic with ember tales, and star songs of night’s mysteries as he catches wishes whispered to the changing winds.

Created by Cornwall’s award winning immersive and highly visual Rogue Otherworld, Winter Wood is an immersive adventure for families and those who seek the magic we often forget.

The star-studded crown of Rogue’s annual cycle of seasonal celebrations in Tehidy Woods,Winter Wood is a bewitchment to behold; as we pass, full of wonder, from one year into the next.

Pass through the Woodland Gate and follow the twisting path…

Let the faeries and woodland guide you to the Midwinter Grotto Where Old Man Winter will welcome you into the magic of a story,

Catch your wish and weave your imaginations with the wonders of winter.

Experience the winter magic at the wild heart of Cornwall, with a more sparkling spirit than ever-

“My excitement for Winter Wood just grows and grows, to gather together, to celebrate nature, and to embrace the seasons, the turning of the planets and our midwinter dreams of new beginnings”

– Old Man Winter

Twice listed in the Guardian Newspaper’s Top 10 Christmas Walks, and winner of multiple awards, Winter Wood is a unique festive marvel, set in the heart of the Winter Wood, it is part exhilarating walk through the trees and part gathering in a warm tent where a magical story comes to life. There will be a show with live music, festive stories, winter wonders and a warm marquee where you can sit down to watch the show (with a reasonably priced bar that serves delicious hot chocolates, mulled wine and mince pies, snacks, and crisps (among other festive treats)).

At the end we’ll all sing together, a song of winter dreams. Each Winter Wood lasts around 2 hours and includes an enchanting walk that embraces the Winter Wood and the Cornish winter weather before you arrive at the heated marquee.

There are toilets here too.

The show will go ahead in all but the most extreme conditions, so dress for the weather and the magic of winter!

-Winter Wood gatherings –

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